Thursday, January 26, 2006

Recap of the last articles

General Mahmoud Ahmad was financing Mohammed Atta, #1 highjacker while he busy was socializing/dining with US Officials, CIA and FBI. They are all interlinked as is Omama Bin Laden. He even met with Senator Joe Biden of Delaware on Sept. 13th.

The CIA and FBI knew all, its an emeshed and twisted group of Elite Intelligence; ISI, Al Qaeda; CIA, FBI and other government officials.

Osama's where abouts are known all the time; the issue is to have the american people think He's the bad guy, when in fact he's probably not as bad as the rest, but in some respects he went astray, making him an easy scapegoat, but not one who will be under custody any time soon.

The US planned to attack Afghanistan anyhow, but 9/11 gave them an excuse; (and Osama the reason, even though he was in a hospital being treated by american doctors)
In fact originally Cheney at al were involved with building a pipeline with the Taliban. As peviously referenced, US threatened Taliban over the lag in the deal.

Its all part of the game. If you watched the video posted earlier, which no doubt got lost in all the text, here it is again;

You may start to put some pieces together. But there is so much more I haven't gotten to yet;

The Scapegoat

Where Osama bin Laden went wrong
By Vikram Sood

By the middle of 2001, the Taliban, along with their friends in al-Qaeda and the powerful Pakistani establishment, had begun to get weary of the unending resistance from the Northern Alliance in Afghanistan.

That wily commander and Tajik leader, Ahmad Shah Masoud, just would not give up. He continued to do battle from his stronghold in the far north - in Panjshir - where he had taken on the might of the Soviet empire and pushed it back.

Masoud was the last obstacle to establishing Taliban rule in Afghanistan and making that country truly Islamic. He had to go. Months of planning and two assassins eventually succeeded in murdering Ahmed Shah Masoud on September 9, 2001 (see Masoud: From warrior to statesman, September 12, 2001).

The country was up for grabs now, with the Taliban as the only real viable force in Afghanistan. They had the backing of Pakistan and the support of al-Qaeda. Strategic depth was a reality for the Pakistanis for a short period on September 9.

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